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Whether Court-ordered or party-driven, mediation is perhaps the most well known form of alternative dispute resolution.  Indeed, mediation is mandatory in all North Carolina Superior Court civil actions and is routinely ordered in civil actions before the United States District Courts.  Mediation can be an invaluable and effective tool in resolving disputes.  However, not all disputes, and not all mediators, are the same.  Choosing the right mediator for your dispute can make the difference between reaching an amicable resolution and an impasse.  When a legal dispute involves intellectual property matters, both the parties and their counsel can benefit from using a mediator who is experienced in the field of intellectual property law.

Trego, Hines & Ladenheim, PLLC is proud to offer alternative dispute resolution services.  Matthew J. Ladenheim is an NCDRC Certified Superior Court Mediator and is on the list of Certified Mediators for the United States District Court for the Western District of North Carolina.  As an NCDRC Certified Superior Court Mediator, Mr. Ladenheim offers multiple alternative dispute resolution services. Specifically, Mr. Ladenheim is certified to:

• Conduct Court-ordered Mediated Settlement Conferences in North Carolina Superior Court cases.                                                       
• Conduct Court-Ordered Mediated Settlement Conferences in cases before the United States District Court for the Western District of North Carolina.                                                    
• Conduct Mediation in intellectual property disputes.

To utilize the firm’s alternative dispute resolution services, please feel free to contact us at 704-599-8911 or email Mr. Ladenheim directly at mjl@thl-iplaw.com.

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